Taxation Services

At Tidball Accountancy, we have a team of Tax Practitioner’s Board registered BAS and Tax Agents.

When we complete your returns, we will review your return and provide additional advice that you can then apply next year to minimize your tax.  We believe that everyone should understand their returns and have a simple approach to explaining the complexities of tax.

As registered agents, we are given extensions to lodge with the ATO and can also request additional extension in extenuating circumstances.  We work with the ATO to negotiate payment plans, get clients back on track, and then help them stay on track by providing a very systematic approach to filing.

We provide the following taxation services


Business & Instalment Activity Statements

Quarterly or Monthly depending on your size

GST: If your gross revenue is $75,000 or more, then you must register for GST. If you are earning less than $75,000 then registering for GST is optional.  If you would like to or need to register for GST, we can assist you with this as well.

PAYG Withholding from staff: If you employ staff, you are required to withhold tax and regularly remit this to the ATO.

PAYG Instalment: Based on your last year return, you may be required to remit income tax instalments to the ATO.

Other Rebates: For example, the Diesel Fuel Tax Rebate is claimed on your quarterly BAS.

Single Touch Payroll Finalisation (Payment Summaries)

Annual requirement to supply the ATO with final payroll figures by the 14th July deadline each year. We reconcile the full year payroll to actual payments to ensure the submission is correct. 

Individual Income Tax

Individual income tax returns for employees earning PAYG, pensioners, and sole trader businesses.

Partnership Income Tax

Partnership returns can be completed with or without a bound copy of special purpose financial reports based on the needs of the client.

Company & Trust Income Tax

We will review your Balance Sheet and help ensure your accounts are reconciled and accurate.  Company and trust returns are completed with a bound copy of special purpose financial reports.

Self Managed Superfund Income Tax

We work with a certified SMSF auditor to provide you with a compliant audit of your superfund and the required tax return

Tax Projections

Wondering how you’re going? We can look at your current financial position, project out the rest of the year, and give you an idea of what your tax position will be like at the end of the year.  We can also run tax effect scenarios to assist you with purchasing decisions.


We are familiar with Cryptocurrency tax obligations and can calculate capital gains and losses to submit for taxation purposes.